Heroes of the storm matchmaking takes forever

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Return to Forum. A more recent issue is Blizzard did tighten up matchmaking to favor longer queues for better games, but due to their small size, minor regions were not able to experience this tightening. Fair Matches Last December, we rolled out phase one of our improvements for matchmakingwhich featured an entirely new matchmaker built specifically to suit Heroes of the Storm. I am bit glad that que time for those classes is long! Please accept our sincerest apologies. Chefcook90 Chefcook90 2 years ago 4 AsucaHayashi posted

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Complicating this desire for metagame diversity is a desire for skill-testing gameplay that is fun and engaging.

Blizzard apologise for Heroes of the Storm’s ranked matchmaking problems with free stuff

Yrel by ChaosOS. If you queue in a group as a Bronze player with a Diamond player, you will be brought into a Gold game. With this kind of attitude, i think DotA2 is your best bet! Feb 9, The start of the latest ranked season for Heroes of the Storm saw a number of issues crop up regarding matchmaking and player rankings.


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